“Butautų Manor” brewery

Lithuanian people know this unique feeling. It usually occurs when one’s eyes meet a bottle of “Butautų Manor” beer. Some are too fragile to handle the feeling – let’s call it a type of awe, a respectful fear – and tell themselves It ain’t for me. Others are braver. When opened, however, this drink is always appreciated in a somewhat different manner than one would drink any other beer. Why is that so?

It is difficult to answer this question without boasting…so well…let’s brag a bit. The old Manor of Butautai, located in northern Lithuania, commands immediate respect. And so do the splendid glass bottles illustrated with the scenic building of the Manor and filled with its history, to use a well-worn expression. Having won the Lithuanian “Product of the Year” gold medal in 2010, the pale beer of “Butautų Manor” brewery is the undeclared aristocrat among Lithuanian beers, their bishop and gray eminence, their Arvydas Sabonis (our basketball great).

Brewed following a unique recipe created in 1858 by the Counts Tiškevičiai, this beer – produced in small quantities – is no ordinary beverage. No filtration, nor pasteurization, and always a lengthy production process before a bottle of unfiltered, “live” beer reaches the knows-what-to-drink beer gourmet.

Only the highest quality Lithuanian malt and aromatic hop seed cones are used to produce this highlandic gem. Three months of maturation strengthen the natural carbon dioxide in this beer. The maturation process ends in the glass bottles resting in the deadly peace of the Manor building. At the end of the journey the beer acquires the taste worthy of a king, aroma worthy of a queen.

Having used as many clichés as we are aware of, we can now establish that the brewers of Butautai Manor are the most thorough and patient beer grandmasters in Lithuania. Out of the north of the country the pale and dark beers of “Butautų Manor” brewery travel to be respectfully enjoyed by Lithuanians, Europeans and comrades from the faraway overseas. By those who like drinking with an aristocratic nonchalance.

“Butautai Manor Brewery” – Your Aristocrat Among Brewers

Pale beer of “Butautu Manor Brewery”

The only beer in Lithuania that has preserved the manor brewing traditions to this day. The beer is brewed following a unique recipe created in 1858 by the Counts Tiškevičiai. The highest quality Lithuanian malt and aromatic hop seed cones are used to produce the beer. During the secondary fermentation in embossed own-brand bottles the distinctive character of the beer forms.In 2010 the Pale beer of “Butautu Manor Brewery” won the “Product of the Year” gold medal.

Alk. 5,1%

Dark beer of “Butautu Manor Brewery”

This beer won exceptionally high popularity since the beginning of its brewing, when it was carried in wooden barrels to the most luxurious Lithuanian beer restaurant “Stikliai”. The Dark beer of “Butautu Manor Brewery” is distinguished by its thick froth and rich taste infused by the Lithuanian caramel malt and bitter hops. The exceptional flavor properties develop during 60-day beer maturation in the cellars of Butautu Manor.

Alk. 5,3%

“Butautu Manor Brewery” dark kvass

It is the product of incomplete alcoholic fermentation, a drink made from natural ingredients useful to health, of sharp rye bread flavour and aroma. Kvass is produced of fermented rye and barley malt according to the special developed factory technology. Chilled kvass is very refreshing.

Alk. 1,2%