“Kupiškėnų” Brewery

Who brews the best beer around? Laid-back fellows, Kupiškis city brewers, humble World Champions. So spoke the global beer democracy. What, what….Excuse me?

In 2012 RateBeer.com – the largest global community of craft beer enthusiasts – voted Kupiškėnų “Keptinis”(Roasted) to be the grand duke of Lithuanian beer dukedom, Lionel Messi and Lithuanian beer Nr. 1. Surprise?

Not for the proud, bearded brewers of Kupiškis. Having heard the news, the guys didn’t seem to be moved. This ain’t no news, bro, they said in style. Going back to brew now, they said. And what they brew in Kupiškis is not only “Keptinis” beer with subtly mystic scent of roasted barley malt. Far from it.

Actually, the folk of Kupiškis town prefer “Magaryčių” beer with yeast full of protein and vitamin B, rather than the globally appreciated “Keptinis”.

Traditionally, “Magaryčių” is drunk to celebrate various deals and transactions – let’s call it a businessman’s beer. For bigger family celebrations the guardians of Kupiškis brewing traditions are making “Šventinis” (Festive) beer, typically sweetened with caramel malt. This beer is produced in small runs and bottled in chic champagne bottles à la française. These are appreciated by highbrow madams and sirs in the big town.

Oh, and before we forget... Kupiškis brewers also make “Salaus” beer, paying homage to the beer God by the name of Salus, as well as “Patulo” beer, honoring the memory of Prussian God Patulas, a close relative of the Devil. Both are tasty in a strictly Kupiškis-esque way.

“Kupiškėnų” Brewery – Your Humble World Champion

“Kupiškėnų keptinis” beer

The name of the beer “Keptinis” (Eng.) indicates that the roasted malt is used for its production. The malt is prepared in the brewery. The roasted malt gives a dark ruby color and homemade bread flavor.

Alk. 5,7%

One of the World leading Independent Tasters’ Association that publishes the global beer ratings on the web site ratebeer.com has recognized Kupiškis’ “Keptinis” ale as the best Lithuanian beer.

“Kupiškėnų šventinis” beer

Traditionally, beer was produced for the - largest celebrations: weddings, christenings, Easter, Christmas as well as funerals and celebrations of harvesting season end. It is this particular beer that is brewed only for celebration of exceptional events and occasions. The beer is produced in small runs, and a special thoroughness and diligence is given to its production. For beer like that an exclusive packaging that conveys the beer’s festive aura has been selected.

Alk. 5,2%

“Magaryčių” beer

Magaryčios in common parlance means feast after any kind of affair (sale, purchase, deal or similar). The yeast, which is rich of proteins and B vitamins, is not separated during the production process.

Alk. 5,8%